• Web design

    Our web development team consists of professionals with extensive knowledge in the multimedia world which allows us to be rigorous from a technical point of view as well as being creative and original.

    Not only advise the client in relation to its website, also listen to your preferences to build a page that not only meets their expectations, but the result is what you really need, the way you want and with a personalized design that apart from your competition.

    We use the latest technologies in the creation of web pages by creating them with SEO in mind to get a good search engine positioning. Whether it is a corporate website as an electronic commerce or news blog, create a page that best suits your circumstances.

    • Corporate Web
    • Online shop
    • Blog

    Ask for a quote and get not only a website with an attractive design, but a quality and also useful web.

  • Positioning

    Not only it is important to have a good website, it is also important to have a good position in the search engines. If your customers can’t find you, your page will be unhelpful.

    We are experts in SEO positioning and create web pages with a good base of natural positioning as recommended by the W3C and Google, it is a lot easier to get a good position with a quality web than one full of standards and structural errors unless you invest a lot of money on advertising, in which case it is more profitable to get a new web.

    We can manage your web and offer an economic SEM campaign but with good results.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions and and be advises on what is best for you to promote your website.

  • Hotel Web Services

    To create a new hotel web , or incorporate an online booking system to your existing site, we offer our online booking system. Created entirely by us with a very strong and secure support without SSL on your page as we integrate the web service from our server and provide all the security measures.

    From the backoffice system, you can create all types of rooms you want, with photos, features, ... Create rates, availability, pricing (both automatic and manual), offers, restrictions, services ... in an easy and comfortable way.

    When a customer makes a reservation, the system sends an automatic email confirmation to the client with a password and a PIN to access your reservation and make the necessary changes. It also sends an email to the hotel to inform about the new reserve and from the backoffice, we can communicate directly with the customer, change of reservation prices, ...

    At any time we can list the reserves we have for any day (or per day of entry, booking, stay ...) and all paying only a small fee for booking made. Contact us and we will offer a demonstration and a budget that surely will surprise you.

  • Custom Programming

    You need a web application but you can’t find anything on the market that meets your needs or what you find is not good enough. You have certainly come to the right place because we can create you a web application that will meet your needs and expectations.

    We have many years of experience in development of custom applications. Currently we mainly create web applications using PHP and MySQL server-side technologies and javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 client-side can operate both online and in a local network.

    Tell us your needs and we will make a fully customized proposal that meets your requirements.

  • Hosting Windows / Linux

    We provide hosting services, domain registration and transfer, various hosting plans according to each need, virtual store, we have Windows and Linux servers, data replication service for maximum security and maintenance service.

  • Domains

    Take out your domain with us and enjoy the best rates, .net, .com, .es, .com, .org, whatever your idea, we can offer the domain you need.

    If you need to relocate your domain from a provider that does not fully satisfy your needs, we can help and make this service also if you have hired a hosting plan and wants to expand basic services, we give solution 24h.

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